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Racism 101: Are you a Racist?: Ally: How to Learn






How you go about your Ally Education is as important as your ally actions once you learn. Here are a few basics.

1-Be aware that you are ignorant. This needs no further explanation.

2-Start with script. For this step, I encourage you to read everything. If you are an ally…

This is pathetic. Since when should the color of someone’s skin be someone else’s priority? Just because you are black does not make you special. It does not make you above white people. Get over yourselves.

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You can also add: Go out of your way to be nothing like modified—mama to the list. She is a perfect example of what NOT to be.

I would have to say I’m glad you added that last part because according to your ridiculous of how people SHOULD BE, I don’t want to be anything you deem fit. I think it’s hilarious that you think that how people speak to people of color is on top of everyone’s priorities. You are black. That’s it. Your skin is darker. You aren’t special. You are from AMERICA just like the majority of every black-social-justice-warriors on Tumblr. You are privileged just like every other person in America. Oh, you get singled out sometimes because your black? How rough. People get bullied and murdered, people get raped, people get beaten; not JUST black people but people of all colors. You’re human and I am human. Get over yourself. 

I’m just going to keep reblogging this person so that those who believe that People of Color should EXPLAIN things to racists instead of yelling or getting angry and see what happens when we DO explain. 

It’s the same. When we yell, we get this kind of crap. When we explain, we get this kind of crap. It makes no difference what so ever. I couldn’t have been more “Kind” and “explanatory” in this post if I tried. 

Yet, here this person is. 

Those that get upset when PoC don’t EXPLAIN or act KIND when you first act like a racist, go talk to modified—mama. You know, the racist white girl who used the n-word in her tags and then went on the above rant about how we’re totes all the same and stuff.

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As many as 15 percent of freshmen at America’s top schools are white students who failed to meet their university’s minimum standards for admission, according to Peter Schmidt, deputy editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education. These kids are “people with a long-standing relationship with the university,” or in other words, the children of faculty, wealthy alumni and politicians.

According to Schmidt, these unqualified but privileged kids are nearly twice as common on top campuses as Black and Latino students who had benefited from affirmative action.

Ten myths about affirmative action (via linzyxxxxx)

This is EXTREMELY blatant on college campuses. The fact that these things need to be clarified is sad.

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Legacy is the real affirmative action…and yet we don’t see certain types of entitled people suing to dismantle that.

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